Durable and modern Gateway is a great gift idea, not only for a fan of computers. This accessory can be network connected to manage your home electronics.

Exclusive products included in the smart home category are not only useful in everyday life, but also reliable and very easy to use. One of the products of this type we propose is the Gateway gate. It is a device that can perform many functions – including controlling electronic air purifiers, motion and temperature sensors, as well as measuring devices with built-in Wifi or Bluetooth.

Gateway – multifunction device

Made of the highest quality materials, the Gateway gate is a product that will survive unchanged for many seasons of use. It has a durable and damage-resistant housing that does not deform under the influence of negative external factors. The smart home devices proposed by our online store are uncomplicated in everyday use, even for people who have not had the opportunity to use this equipment so far.

What makes a Gateway different?

The high-class Getaway gate available in our assortment is a device that belongs to the category of currently very popular smart home devices. This product has a guarantee and a certificate of compliance with the ZigBee® 3.0 standard. To control the gateway, it must be connected to the router with a LAN cable. This is a product with an operating voltage of 5V and a power lower than 1W.

Gateway is a device useful in every home. This small product can be used to control equipment with built-in Wi-Fi.