Perfectly made coronation sword Szczerbiec is a replica of a white weapon from the period of reign of Polish rulers. This luxurious product can be a great idea for a gift for a soldier or a fan of militaria.

White weapons have been used for centuries to crown future rulers of Poland. This extremely ornamental sword was kept in the royal treasury. The replica of the white weapon, which is a coronation sword Szczerbiec, has an ornamental plate for hanging. It is a chrome-plated product, made of high-quality non-hardened steel.

Masterfully crafted replica – Szczerbiec coronation sword with inscription in Latin

Impressively presented coronation sword Szczerbiec is a replica, which has original religious symbols, floral motifs and inscription in Latin. On the hilt there is a Gothic coat of arms depicting a Polish eagle on a red background. The elegant coronation sword Szczerbiec is a replica with a shield, which was lost in the 19th century due to a war conflagration. Currently it is in the State Art Collections in Krakow Wawel.

A product created for fans of militaria – the coronation sword Szczerbiec

Connoisseurs of militaria and collectors of white arms will certainly be interested in a replica, which is the Szczerbiec coronation sword. This is a product made in an artful manner. Its steel head has a wide shank. This luxurious replica of a white weapon goes wonderfully with an aesthetically made tabloid made of thick plywood.
The accurately reproduced Szczerbiec coronation sword looks sensational and may be another product in the collection of militaria from the times of the Piast or Jagiellon reigns. It is a product with original etchings, which increases its aesthetic value.